Sweet Set-Up In Swiss Stocks? (UNLOCKED-PREMIUM)

Switzerland’s stock market is potentially forming a bullish long-term cup-&-handle formation.

With at least the broader U.S. stock market taking a bit of a breather over the past few months, several foreign markets around the world have taken the opportunity to play a little catch-up. These moves have set several country indices up for potentially significant further long-term advances. One such country is Switzerland.

Switzerland, known for its chocolate confections, hit our radar about a year ago due to its sweet-looking chart set-up. For much of the same reasons as then, it is intriguing to us again now. As we mentioned in a February 2018 post:

“As we have been pointing out in our DSS videos, the Switzerland Swiss Market Index (SMI) is forming a potential cup-&-handle going back to 2007. This, of course, is traditionally a bullish pattern and, in this case, the potential bullish implications upon a breakout would be substantial. For instance, one common targeting technique would imply a 50% price appreciation above the previous highs — after a breakout, of course.”

We emboldened that last phrase because, well, the SMI never did break out. However, that is not to say the past 14 months have been unproductive. In fact, one can argue the now complex cup-&-handle has merely added another handle. Alternately, whereas the 2015-2018 period serves as the handle to the 2007-2015 cup, the past 14 months may serve as a handle to the 2015-2018 cup.

In any event, the longer-term chart structure of the SMI looks potentially exceedingly bullish.

We say “potentially” because, once again, the pattern is all for naught if it cannot sustain a breakout. However, if it does, this is one foreign index with a pretty sweet longer-term set-up.

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