Tactical Update: September 12, 2022 (PREMIUM-UNLOCKED)

The following post was initially issued to TLS members on September 12, 2022:

A short portfolio update…

We have mentioned that we want to be lowering long exposure into any strength, including trimming recently added trading longs, weeding out positions that no longer warrant a spot in our portfolio and adding back short exposure. Last week, we dealt with the former 2 groups. This AM, we are starting on the latter:

  • We added to our hedge (short) position in the inverse Europe fund, EPV, near ~15.17 (now back to about ~5% short exposure there)
  • We added a hedge (short) position back in the inverse innovation fund, SARK, near ~52.49 (about ~2.5% short exposure there)
  • *UPDATE: We sold the rest of our position in the technology fund, XLK, near ~139.00*
  • *UPDATE: We added to our hedge (short) position in the long volatility fund, UVXY, near ~8.99 (now about 5% exposure there)*
  • *UPDATE: We sold 1/3 of our remaining position in the mid-cap fund, MVV, near ~53.65 (now about 2.5% exposure there)*
  • *UPDATE: We sold the rest of our position in the semiconductor fund, SOXL, near ~15.00*
  • *UPDATE: We sold 1/2 of our remaining position in the equal-weight S&P 500 fund, RSP, near ~147.12 (just missed our target price ~147.50…now about 1.25% exposure there)*
  • *UPDATE: We bought back a position in the silver fund, SLV, near ~18.29 (after selling it on Friday, it has decisively recovered key technical ground…we have about 1.25% exposure here)*

That’s all for now. Check back on this post throughout the day for further portfolio moves. And as always, stay tuned to our DSS posts for further developments — they provide the most current updates to our investment portfolio and outlook.


Disclaimer: JLFMI’s actual investment decisions are based on our proprietary models. Commentary provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as a recommendation to invest in any specific securities or according to any specific methodologies. Proper due diligence should be performed before investing in any investment vehicle. There is a risk of loss involved in all investments.