An Average Rally

The “average” stock is back testing its all-time highs from January.

As you probably know, we are big proponents of good breadth, or participation, among stocks as confirmation of the strength of a stock market rally. In other words, the more stocks that are participating in a rally, the better. When the major averages are rallying on the backs of only a relatively small number of mega-cap stocks, you’ll hear technicians complain about the “thinness” of the rally. The large caps are rallying, they’ll say, but the “average” stock is not participating. Well, the good news is that the “average” stock is participating in the current advance.

We draw that conclusion from today’s Chart Of The Day, which highlights action in the Value Line Arithmetic Index (VLA). The VLA tracks the performance of the average stock in a universe of approximately 1800 stocks. As of yesterday, the VLA had made it all the way back to its January all-time highs.

Whether or not the “average” VLA index cracks through its former highs and establishes a new up-leg remains to be seen, as does the extent of any new up-leg. However, at this point, any argument that the “average” stock is not participating in this rally appears to be unfounded — and that is good news for the average investor.

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