Strategic Update: Gold Fools? (PREMIUM-UNLOCKED)

*The following Premium Post was issued to TLS members on March 4, 2021.*

The gold complex is sliding — where will it stop?

A quick update to yesterday’s post on precious metals. We have now executed the following:

  • Bought back our gold position, GLD, at ~158.60
  • Sold 1/2 of our JDST gold miners short/hedge at ~13.00

Additionally, we have sold/covered 1/2 of our remaining Russell 2000 short/hedge, TWM, near ~16.50. As mentioned in the earlier post, the NDX has near-term risk down to ~12,200 (QQQ ~297.70) which is where we’d look to cover our QID hedge.

That’s all for now. As always, stay tuned to our DSS posts for further developments — they provide the most current updates to our investment portfolio and outlook. We touched on many of these potential moves in today’s DSS.


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