Is Small-Cap Rally Getting Extended?

*This post was originally published on our Tumblr blog on October 4 — and the content covered in our premium 10/4 RUT-RVX Standoff post as well as our Daily Strategy Session videos all week.*

The Russell 2000 Small-Cap Index is hitting a couple of key Fibonacci Extensions of recent declines.

The current inexorable stock market rally has folks wondering where it will at least take a breather, if not put the breaks on. The small-cap segment of the market has been particularly relentless, with the Russell 2000 (RUT) up 8 days in a row, 15 of the last 18 and 24 of the last 30. Based on one piece of charting analysis, however, it is now reaching a level that may finally produce at least a pause in its breathless advance.

We’ve discussed Fibonacci Extensions in the past on several occasions. As a refresher, these Extensions mark various magnitudes of potential price support or resistance following range breaks, based upon the Fibonacci mathematical sequence. The 161.8% is perhaps the most important Extension, based on the sequence. It signifies a move of 61.8% of the former range – out of the range.

For example, in this case, we see the Russell 2000 now reaching the vicinity of the 161.8% Fibonacci Extensions of the following noteworthy recent declines. That is, the RUT is now above the top of the declines by a margin equal to approximately 61.8% of the respective ranges of the declines:

  • The 161.8% Fibonacci Extension of the 2015-2016 Decline ~1514
  • The 161.8% Fibonacci Extension of the recent July-August Decline ~1516

Here’s what it looks like on the chart.

So, will the small-cap rally put on the brakes here? There is no guarantee that it will. However, this is as good a spot as any, in our view, for the index to at least take a temporary respite – particularly given the multiple levels aligned in the same vicinity.

Do we think the rally is over? No – it just may be a bit extended in the near-term, though.

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