High Low Friday – 3/13/2020

Here are some of the most noteworthy highs and lows from across the markets for Friday, March 13, 2020.

These are but a few of the highs and lows resulting from another historic week in the markets.


NYSE New Lows Hit A New High


CBOE Equity Put:Call Ratio Hits Highest Level Since 2008


After Multi-Decade False Breakout, Value Line Geometric Composite, i.e., the “Median Stock,” Now Down 40% To 7-Year Lows, Retracing 50% Of 2009-2018 Rally $VLG $VALUG


Likewise, 3 Weeks After False Breakout To All-Time Highs, Europe’s $STOXX 600 Now At 7-Year Lows, Retracing 50% Of Post-2009 Rally


Deutsche Bank $DB Hitting New All-Time Low


Muni Bond ETF $MUB Hit A 52-Week Low On Thursday…After Hitting 52-Week High On Monday (…same goes for $MBB $LQD $AGG)


Junior Gold Miners 3X Bull ETF $JNUG: 2 Weeks Ago, Printed Multi-Year Highs @ 105; Today, It’s At An All-Time Low @ 7.50


Crude Oil Testing Decade Lows $OIL


S&P 500 9-Day Volatility Index $VIX9D Topped 100, Highest Reading On Record


10-year U.S. Treasury Volatility Index $TYVIX Smashed Its Previous Record High


Crude Oil Volatility Index $OVX Nearly Tripled Its Previous Record High

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