SOTD-4/7/14 NYSE & Nasdaq Advancing Issues Dropping Each Day, Mon-Fri

Today’s Stat Of The Day is interesting and surprising…though perhaps not especially helpful. Last week, there were fewer advancing issues on both the NYSE and the Nasdaq each successive day from Monday to Friday. While that may not seem all that surprising or all that uncommon, it is actually the first time it has happened in about exactly 6 years. It is also just the 5th time it has happened in 28 years. Here are the week-ending dates:

  • 3/28/2008
  • 2/29/2008
  • 8/2/2002
  • 10/17/1997

Notes: Our Nasdaq breadth data only goes back to 1988. Counting only NYSE data, this phenomenon has occurred just 24 times since 1965. This SOTD does not include weeks with less than 5 trading days. Other data providers may produce different results.